The Crossroads School Equity & Justice Institute


The Crossroads School Equity & Justice Institute is a new landmark program of Crossroads School that will launch in September 2018.

Equity and justice are woven throughout the fabric of Crossroads: in our institutional community service programs, in student and teacher activism, in student-run clubs, in community outreach and in daily coursework. Now more than ever, Crossroads must take this commitment to the next level to find meaningful solutions to the challenges our students will inherit, including racism, sexism, poverty, war, environmental degradation, educational inequities, religious persecution and genocide.

The Equity & Justice Institute will bring new opportunities for service and innovation to our students while developing and supporting meaningful community action with partner organizations.

Three Core Commitments

The Equity & Justice Institute is founded on three core commitments:

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  • Deepening our Teaching and Learning

    • A comprehensive equity and justice curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade will ensure a cohesive program that builds as students progress through the School and serve as a national model for equity and justice education
    • A reimagined vision of service learning, leadership and activism will put Crossroads at the forefront of service learning, pushing the school to be bold and effective in facilitating meaningful change and creating programs that will inspire and serve as models for other independent schools. 

    • The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Equity & Justice Distinguished Lecture Series will help stimulate dialogue among students, educators and community leaders committed to tackling the problems of racism, poverty, war, environmental degradation, educational inequities, religious persecution, genocide and other forms of injustice. 

    • Support for faculty—both financially and administratively—will enable teachers to create new courses, develop lessons, organize assemblies and conferences, cultivate residencies, sponsor fellowships, hold rallies and bring new community organizations, allies and vitality to the Crossroads campuses.
  • Providing Resources for the Public Good

    Logistical and financial support will allow our neighbor­hood, our community partners and Crossroads faculty and students to expand the scope of their equity and justice work, incubating new initiatives that provide solutions to real needs.
  • Supporting Community Action

    • An innovation laboratory, following the model pioneered by Crossroads’ Institutional Community Service program, will incubate and support Crossroads student and community activism initiatives that empower other communities here at home, nationally and even globally. 

    • Deeper opportunities for students to engage in meaningful work with the wider nonprofit world and to develop and steward their own projects through the revolutionized Community Service program will open doors and bring new ideas and perspectives to work for the global community.
    • The Institute will offer new meeting spaces and professional support for student clubs and guidance to pursue their goals and organize their activities and programs. New clubs will be developed and students will be encouraged to cultivate authentic passions and work on making a tangible impact. The innovation laboratory will help students develop ideas, create nonprofit partnerships and help provide the infrastructure necessary for moving their work beyond the Crossroads campuses to engage with the global community.
    • Students will enjoy new opportunities to travel domestically and internationally to support and participate in the work of our partner organizations and engage in cross-cultural experiential education, preparing them to be contributing members of a 21st-century global community.
“Crossroads has a remarkable opportunity to become a national and even international leader in the field of equity and justice. Our students are ready and eager to apply their skills, intellect and passions to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. The Equity & Justice Institute will provide the framework and resources to help the leaders of tomorrow make tangible, meaningful change in the world today.”

-Head of School Bob Riddle
Because of the work of the Institute, Crossroads students K-12 will develop:
  • A sincere commitment to and experience with activism and community engagement.

  • An empathetic approach to developing innovative solutions that address issues of equity and justice facing local and global communities.

  • The academic knowledge to be fluent in questions of power and privilege and social-emotional skills to successfully understand and interact with myriad individuals, peoples and cultures.

  • Enhanced skills in collaboration, communication, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Upcoming Events

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  • Sep

    Equity & Justice Institute Speaker: Ibram X. Kendi

    Author of “Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America”
    Community Room
  • Oct

    Equity & Justice Institute Speaker: Winona LaDuke

    Native American land rights activist and environmental justice advocate
    Community Room
  • Dec

    Equity & Justice Institute Speaker: Zenon Neumark

    Holocaust survivor and author of “Hiding in the Open”
    Community Room
  • Mar

    Equity & Justice Institute Speaker: Robin DiAngelo

    Author of “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism”
    Community Room
  • Apr

    Equity & Justice Institute Speaker: Environmental Justice Symposium

    Community Room
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