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  • Amy Walia-Fazio

    Associate Director of Secondary Admissions
    “I love watching the interactions between our students and teachers as they make curricular discoveries, deepen intellectual inquiry, and explore the unknowns. I love this school because our work is all in service to an exceptional student experience whose impact is felt well beyond ‘our school walls.’”
  • Celia Lee

    Managing Director of Elementary Admissions
    “I love our community and how it becomes a family's neighborhood, which sometimes is hard to find in Los Angeles. That the children are at the center of everything that happens here. They are in a safe loving space to be able take risks, explore many options, and, as we say, reason soundly and question thoughtfully.”
  • Cristina Delgadillo

    Elementary Admissions Assistant
    I love the synergy of Crossroads! Our community is amazing. I enjoy coming to work and sharing my day with parents, faculty and staff.
  • Elisabeth Magaña

    Secondary Admissions Assistant & Spanish Language Liaison
    “Crossroads es un lugar que apoya a sus estudiantes y, debido a esto, florecen en pensadores independientes y creativos. Como padre de tres alumnos de Crossroads, vi esto de primera mano en mis propios hijos. Como empleado, lo veo todos los días en los estudiantes actuales mientras caminan por el callejón. Crossroads es una comunidad que da la bienvenida a todas las nuevas familias.”
  • Emily Doerner

    Assistant Director of Secondary Admissions
    “Our students are so passionate and engaged, and everyone is happy. They are here to truly experience school and use all of the resources and opportunities that are offered to them. There is no hierarchy of interests here, everyone is equal and supports each other.”
  • Eric Barber

    Director of Enrollment Management
    “Crossroads is a transformative education, where every child is known and challenged in a diverse and inclusive environment. They are allowed and encouraged to be their true selves every day. This authenticity allows them to be fully engaged and reach their potential. Crossroads is also more than a school; it is a force for social change. The School has launched so many important initiatives and non-profits that have positively affected tens of thousands of students every year. Working for social justice is part of our DNA.”
  • Joy Sevillano

    Assistant Director of Elementary Admissions
    “There is so much that is unique to Crossroads. The school functions like a village, where parents and the faculty have a strong partnership. Teachers are more like classroom facilitators and are actively engaged with their students, even learning with them at times. Our students are able to discover their passions and themselves through art, music, writing, sports, etc. Lastly, social justice isn’t a concept that is abstract but is lived and experienced through conversations, through student work, through service projects.”
  • Martie McKinney

    Assistant Director of Secondary Admissions
    “What makes Crossroads unique are our engaged and passionate teachers, student voice and choice, challenging academics AND time to explore, high-level sports, theatre conservatory program, THE ALLEY, our focus on social justice, warm and supportive relationships, and so much more.”
  • Tien Hoang

    Admissions Database & Operations Manager
    “I love the people here at Crossroads. The sense of community here is amazing, and I can truly say that its a special place to be. And, I have the perk of having an office on the Elementary School campus and getting to see all of these happy kids on a daily basis is awesome.”
Middle and Upper School: 21st Street Campus | 1714 21st St., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 829-7391
Elementary School: Norton Campus | 1715 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 828-1196
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences provides a unique K-12 program built on a progressive, developmental model of education.