Reopening Plan for LA County

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

On August 30, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences welcomed students to campus in kindergarten through the 12th grades. We are resuming school on both campuses with County protocols in place. To maximize the safety of our community, weekly testing is required for all staff and students who are on campus. Crossroads has developed a relationship with PathMD Labs, which offers testing at Crossroads for employees during the week and for students on Saturdays. In addition, PathMD Labs will prioritize testing for Crossroads families at their local office. All students were required to have a negative PCR-based test at least 72 hours before coming on campus on the first day and must be tested weekly thereafter.

If students or staff are exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, they are required to report it to the School and quarantine for a minimum of 10 days per Crossroads policy. If students or staff members test positive, they are required to isolate for 10 days, be free of fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing agents and have improving symptoms as per County guidance. Seating charts and student schedules will be used to assist in contact tracing, and letters will be sent to all direct contacts of a reported positive case.

The following protocols are in place for students returning to Campus: Those on the 21st Street Campus (sixth through 12th grade) will enter from multiple entry points. Students at the Norton Campus (kindergarten through fifth grade) will gather by grade on the field to be screened. As students arrive, they will need to show the digital Magnus application on their device as well as their negative COVID test. Students 12 and older will also need to show proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

All students and adults are required to wear a mask at all times on campus. Crossroads will provide masks and shields for any staff member who requests it. We will also have extra masks available for students and adults on campus.

All adults and all students who are 12 years old and over are required to be vaccinated to come to campus. Students and adults who have received religious or medical accommodation may also come to campus. They will be required to wear an N95 mask or equivalent and to test twice weekly. Parents or other visitors on campus may only enter buildings by showing proof of vaccination.

As observed during our on-site inspection, signage is located throughout the campuses, as well as hygiene stations and partitions where necessary, to ensure safe movement throughout both campuses. Additional sinks were installed on both campuses to accommodate increased hand washing.

Access to remote learning will be in place for students who must be home for quarantine purposes. Students 12 and older who are not vaccinated and do not have an approved accommodation will also receive online schooling.
Facts at a Glance

Total Student Enrollment - 1221 in the K-12th Grade

Student Numbers
Kindergarten - 50
First Grade - 53
Second Grade - 49
Third Grade - 54
Fourth Grade - 54
Fifth Grace - 54
Sixth Grace - 97
Seventh Grade - 130
Eighth Grade - 127
Ninth Grade - 138
10th Grade - 140
11th Grade - 139
12th Grade - 136

Adult Numbers
There are 345 full-time and part-time employees at the School. We have the expectation that all adults will be working on campus.

Compliance TeamPaula Rickey, RN, K-12 Nurse Coordinator; Mariama Richards, Associate Head of School; Eric Barber, Director of Enrollment Management; Paul Larson, Head of Custodial Supervisor

Cleaning Rotation and Sanitation Stations
2-3+ times per day
150 units of cleaning supplies have been deployed - 40 on the Norton Campus and 110 on the 21st Street Campus. In addition, we have added hand-washing stations and port-a-potties on the Norton Campus.