Black Lives Matter

The resources on this page were generously curated by members of the School’s RISE Committee, Equity & Justice Institute, K-12 diversity coordinators and outside experts in the field of anti-racism.
These resources provide insights into historical and present-day systemic racism and actionable steps you can take to combat inequity. This page is a work in progress; if there is an anti-racism resource you would like considered for inclusion, please email communications@xrds.org.
Anti-Racist Resources
This resource was put together by Administrative Assistant for Diversity Initiatives Cherokee Washington ’13, a Whitman College graduate who holds dual bachelor’s degrees in psychology and honors rhetoric with a specialization in identity politics, race relations, intersectionality and anti-racist work. She has authored and collaborated on other material in the area of diversity and inclusion; white supremacy; sports and race; and Black feminism on a regional, national and international level. Thank you to Arts Administrator Janeen Jackson and Athletics Director Ira Smith for their contributions.

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Law and Victim Advocacy
  • Support organizations that provide bail and legal services to protestors, low-income individuals, immigrants and others.

  • Demand justice for and support the families of victims of police brutality.
Anti-Racist & Empowerment Organizations
  • Follow, join and support organizations that promote economic empowerment, challenge discriminatory practices and advance racial justice in policy, institutions and culture.
Civic Engagement