The Sam Francis Gallery, located in the Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre, is dedicated to the display of student art and to presenting cutting edge exhibitions of work by locally and nationally prominent artists.

Thematically based group exhibitions are often organized by independent curators and participating artists give public lectures and student workshops. Each spring a group of student curators works with the Gallery Director to organize an exhibition of works by local artists.

Current Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Topological Skew—the guiding concept for Topological Skew is to exhibit artworks that reference both more formal topographic mapping approaches, as well as a more oblique or skewed usage of interior topological mappings.
Topological Skew features works by Dawn Arrowsmith, Philip Govedare, Lynn Marie Kirby, Luigia Martelloni, John David O’Brien and Christopher Pate.
Oct. 23-Nov. 18, 2016

Sunday, Oct. 23, 4-6 p.m. (public opening reception)
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 4-6 p.m. (school reception)

SAM FRANCIS GALLERY at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences 
Peter Boxenbaum Arts Building, 2nd floor
1734 21st Street Santa Monica, CA 90404
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Past Exhibitions

EXHIBITION: “Cognitive Faculties”—an exhibition of work by Crossroads teaching artists

Participating artists: Susan Arena, Melissa Bouwman, Janice Gomez, Taylor Greeson, Peter Melville, Rich Mudge, Elyse Reardon-Jung, Jesse Robinson, Leslie Rosdol, Vernon Salyers, Emily Silver, Carly Steward
DATES: Sept. 8-Oct. 15, 2016


EXHIBITION: Upper School Arts Show
Exhibition of work by Upper School students in photography, ceramics, sculpture, visual art, figure drawing and graphic design.
DATES: May 19-June 3, 2016

EXHIBITION: “Staged”—an exhibition of works by artists who explore ideas of conscious display
Participating artists: Amir Fallah, John Frame, Alex Hubbard, Owen Kydd, William Leavitt, Dan McCleary, Patty Wickman
Student curators: Eloise Gibbin, Ayna Grewal, Ysidro Hartzell, Isabel Levin, Lina McDermott, Nicole Tiedemann Carmela Uribe

In the exhibition “Staged”, artists Amir H. Fallah, John Frame, Alex Hubbard, Owen Kydd, William Leavitt, Dan McCleary, and Patty Wickman explore ideas of conscious display and dislocated narratives. In “Overshadowed,” Patty Wickman uses theatrical conventions to create a narrative replete with marvel and suggestion. Dan McCleary’s paintings, with their carefully composed scenes of ordinary interactions, alternatively deemphasize the dramatic. Amir H. Fallah approaches painting as an investigation, assembling “evidence” of his subjects’ identities by cloaking them with personal objects and patterned fabrics to protect them from his own interpretations. John Frame creates figures from wood and metal, adding found objects and sewing fabric bits for the clothing to set a stage for the characters to come alive. Throughout the video “Annotated Plans for an Evacuation,” Alex Hubbard transforms a used Ford Tempo by directing a continuous sequence of changes that flattens space as he creates a moving picture. By adding movement to static objects, Owen Kydd uses durational photography to expand the time specificity usually associated with photographs. William Leavitt’s drawing “House #3” encapsulates his interest in the “theater of the ordinary.” Leavitt plants an object reminiscent of old Hollywood in an otherwise “ordinary” scene, thus, like each of the artists in in this exhibition, capturing the artifice and glamour of the stage. 

Feb. 18-March 18, 2016

EXHIBITION: Animated Adjectives, Language Into Form
An artist workshop-residency with Los Angeles artist Kiel Johnson wherein student participants make and animate their own sculptural words with cardboard and other materials and, in the process, reflect on themselves.

Jan. 25-Feb. 11, 2016


 “Wear and Tear: The Joy and Frustrations of a Line Junkie”
                               Paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures by Tanner Goldbeck 

Nov. 8-Dec. 16, 2015
Learn more about the exhibition here.


 “Suzanne Anker: Culturing Life”

Sept. 17-Oct. 30, 2015


Crossroads Advanced Studies (CAS) Art Senior Thesis Show

April 15-17, 2015
Learn more about the exhibition here.


EXHIBITION: Feigned: Real and Not Real Everyday Things
Joshua Callaghan, Ben Jackel, Rachel Lachowicz, Dave Lefner, Jean Lowe, Dana Maiden, Ry Rocklen 

Organized by Amanda Glickman, Sam Hardy, Max Hertz, Katherine Hoy, Zane Kaufmann and Isabel Levin

Feb. 24 – March 19, 2015
This exhibition was organized by Crossroads students in the Gallery Curators class and includes work by LA artists who examine the relationship between the idea and the object and its tangible form and function. 

Learn more about the exhibition here.

EXHIBITION: In a Mere Full of Rime: a search for photography’s essence
DATES: Jan. 15 – Feb. 13, 2015
As part of an ongoing investigation into phantom worlds, the Institute of Cultural Inquiry will bring a mobile field station to the Sam Francis Gallery, for a one month collaborative and interactive residency exploring the limits and potentialities of photography.

Learn more about the exhibition here.


Logistical Gymnastics—An Exhibition of Work by LA-Based Contemporary Artists: Amy Garafano, Patrick Killoran, Devon Tsuno and Jemima Wyman​​

Curated by Janice Gomez and Jesse Robinson, Crossroads Art Faculty
DATES: October 23 – November 21, 2014
Distribution, redistribution, and dissemination. The exhibition titled Logistical Gymnastics brings together artworks that travel out from the gallery space into the larger world. Using various forms of physical and digital transmission these works invite chance, collaboration and contingency in ways that expand our traditional notions of both authorship and the static art object.    

Learn more about the work and the artists here.


EXHIBITION: Moonlighting: An exhibition of Work by Crossroads' Teaching Artists

Susan Arena , Melissa Bouwman , Janice Gomez, Kate Johnson, Peter Melville, Rich Mudge, Pam Posey, Jesse Robinson, Jean Robison, Leslie Rosdol, Vernon Salyers
DATES: September 17 – October 17, 2014

Moonlighting featured artworks made by the members of Crossroads School K -12 Visual Art Department. Each teacher has her/his own art practice, and each brings a unique creative voice to the department. The works in this show ran the gamut of contemporary art practices and present a wide array of materials and methods – from installation, video and performance art to painting and sculpture. Everyday, Crossroad's teaching artists bring their extensive knowledge, experience and passion from their own studio into the classroom.

Learn more about the work and the artists here.

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